Thank you for your order with Vinyl Carvers. Please follow the instructions below to complete your order. If you need any help please contact Aaron our cutting engineer on +44 (0)75170071680 or at

To Upload your audio and artwork:


To send us your tracks/ artwork using the internet we recommend our dedicated We Transfer upload page:

Artwork can also be sent via email to

You can also use other online locker services – such as Sendspace or Mediafire – and address the links to Please note that we cannot be held responsible for delays, errors or loss of files incurred by use of other services than the Vinyl Carvers Wetransfer page.


All CDs and physical formats should be sent to the following address:

Aaron Northmore

Vinyl Carvers

The Green House

49 Green Lanes

London N16 9BU

Please note we cannot return CDs. They will be destroyed following completion of your order.We do not accept tracks as email attachments nor do we accept other physical formats than CDs.