Hundreds Of Happy Customers

Hear what Vinyl Carvers customers have to say about our records

From Derbyshire to Tasmania we have catered to a wide range of customers over the years including legendary sound system controllers, professional DJs and music fans. Here are what some of them had to say about products and services.


New company Vinyl Carvers have developed the everlasting dubplate! DJ Mag ventured to Vinyl Carvers armed with our own tune to see this amazing new cutting lathe in action. And we were impressed.
David Eserin, DJ Mag UK (07/2003)

After 20 plays the plates were still as fresh as when they arrived.
Vespa, Tribe Magazine, Canada (04/2004)

The sound is bright, full, and more dynamic than the CDs which the tracks were cut from.
Joss Hutton , Sonic Reducer Tag Team DJ, London

Vinyl Carvers have proved yet again that they are a friendly, fast, and quality service.
SDM,, Portsmouth

When I first heard there were people in the UK making “one-off records” I thought “yeah yeah, just another cheapie vinyl cutter” – I was proved wrong, the everlasting dubplate is here!
DJ 2tall, (08/2005)


Vinylcarvers remastered and cut more than 120 of my precious dubplates. After 40 years of cutting dubs I can’t believe that their plates are everlasting!
Festus Coxsone, Coxsone Outernational Soundsystem

I have been recommending Vinyl Carvers to everyone I know who may be interested because the sound quality of the vinyl and service is excellent, and at an affordable price. I will definitely be using Vinyl Carvers to cut my dubs again.
Aron Shamash, Reggae News

I have been using these plates and playing them out regularly for the last 6 months and they still sound great. Really loud cuts and great way to spice up your set with original material. The great thing is that you can get them mastered for not much money which means you will always get a far better result than using something like Serato.
Darc Marc, Purenoise Records London

As a regular user for our dubplates, we find Vinyl Carvers the best to date. Dubplates are sturdy, heavy, durable and of fantastic quality. They have provided an excellent service being prompt, reliable, professional with good communications.
Chocotec Music, London

I’ve always avoided cutting dubs because they were useless for scratching with. I’ve had to pay a lot in the past to get my own scratch records manufactured and pressed. But now I can post or email audio to Vinyl Carvers and it’s through my front door within days!
The Scratch Technician, Leeds

It sounds great. The vinyl is much louder than I anticipated and has that proper warm vinyl feel to it. Thanks again for the quick delivery it is really appreciated.
Jon from the band GUILE, UK

I received them at work today, rigged up some good quality hi fi gear, sat back and listened… WONDERFUL! A great job done well, quick and inexpensively!!
Ken Worthing, Shropshire

I got the record today. YOU GUYS ROCK. Sounds friggin perfect, cuts are soo deep. Thank you for doing what you do. You will hear from me again I promise. Until then I will tell everyone I know where I got the dope plate cut.
br8 and the elefaders, Seattle

Got the cuts in the post this morning. I’m amazed, Thank you so much! I’ve been scratching away with the 10″ and I can’t believe how good they are. These babies will be going out with me this weekend! I will no doubt be coming back in the near future.

The dubs you guys cut for me are incredible. The sound quality is amazing and they survived a brutal beating throughout my European tour. They still sound like I just picked them up. Loud, clean and crisp.
Tester, Trilogy Sound Crew, US

Many thanks for the superb service again. It’s really good too know we can always get the best quality dub plates from you.
Rob, Bare Records, UK

Single arrived this morning! Brilliant quality and really chuffed with it and hopefully I’ll get some more done!
Pip, South West Soul Club, UK

Thank you very much. It’s such a pleasure to do business with such a lovely company. I will definitely be using you again and spreading the word.
Chris Harrington, Essex

Uploaded my tracks on Thursday, got the vinyl Saturday! Great service, great sound, many thanks – will recommend you to everyone.
Mex, Black Grass, UK

We at Framingo Records love Vinyl Carvers. Top quality vinyl at affordable prices for all with a rapid dispatch.
Framingo Records, UK

Vinyl Carvers provide not only a friendly and pleasant service but a professional finished product as well. We have no interest in going anywhere else to have our work cut. Quick turnaround and confirmation at every step of the process ensure that Vinyl Carvers should be the first and last stop you require.
Jaye Christopher, Tasmania

Thanks to you I am able to record onto vinyl and actually listen to my own music on a genuine valve amplified 1950’s Jukebox, as I am a man of that time when Rock and Roll “was the thing and it would, as Danny and the Juniors sang, never die”. You just cannot beat the sound of vinyl on a valve amplifier. I am heading towards 70 and I still prefer vinyl.
Just John, UK

I’m very, very impressed again! You’ve done a spectacular job!!
Ken, Shropshire

Thanks for my recent order which is fantastic. I must congratulate you on producing such an excellent product. I will certainly be placing future orders.
Steve Handsley, Derbyshire

Just received my dubplate this morning. There are no words to describe how happy you have made a junglist from the midlands.
Adam Clish, Warwickshire

Many, many thanks for cutting my track so well. After I uploaded the .wav file I noticed that the auto clip kicks in on the higher levels but you’ve totally sorted it out. I’m very impressed and will use your service again.
DJ Bez, Durham

I work in customer service and I think your service is really very good for an online company and it makes the difference when ordering from a friendly and personal site.
Autumn Forecast, Kent

You guys are the best. Disc arrived today and is superb as always.
Northern Ray, Southampton

Hi, many thanks for the vinyl, got it this morning. THE BEST SERVICE I’VE EVER HAD!!
Nathan, Kitschy Records, UK

I’ve never had more perfect records. The spacing works perfect, the records aren’t heavy, the stylus doesn’t slide across the records, the grooves aren’t burning. Fantastic! All the samples lined up as planned. I’m recommending you guys to everyone at the battle.
Andrew Smith, New Jersey, USA

As usual excellent service and quick turnaround. All companies should work this way. Top quality sound. I’ll certainly be ordering more.
Gordon, DJ & Promoter Pacemakers Soul Club

Just wanted to say thanks for the records! The quality is fantastic, guys. Just can’t praise your work enough.
Christian Brødsjø, Norway

I’m very, very pleased with the quality of the sound. I can highly recommend you to my fellow DJs. Once again thank you for being top notch in quality.
Mick Payne, Nottinghamshire

Received the dubplate last friday! Already played it for the people – really loved your mastering, specially how you fixed the bassline! You really know what you’re doing. Respect!
Roman Anisimov, Sweden

Considering it was from a well played, rare 45 that was downloads online the job you did cleaning up and mastering was great! It probably plays better than the original now.
Phil E, Harrow

I got my tracks from Vinyl Carvers the other week and I have to say I was impressed along with the dancefloor of people getting down to my own music. Great fast service with a quality product. Who needs CDJs and CDRs when you’ve got Vinyl Carvers.
DJ Tayzer, UK

Once again the quality of your product and service has impressed. I will be using these tracks during the summer and already people have commented on the quality. I’ll be recommending your work. Thanks again. Dave Moore, Florida

My two discs arrived today, they are superb! They sound cleaner and richer than the original 60s dubplate. Many thanks, I will be using your services in the future!
Trevor Hare, York

Got the plate and I must say I’m impressed. I scratched a section for about 10 mins and it had no wear what so ever. I’ll definitely be back once I’ve got my battle record hooked up.
DJ Klusta, UK

Vinyl Carvers use a transparrent, flexible and durable alternative to acetates. Don’t break if you drop them or chip when you knock them and they don’t weigh a ton either. One plate cut more than six months ago has been played nightly and still sounds as good as new.
DJ Lincoln G, London

I have recieved my personal intro on dubplate today…and it is QUALITY!!
DJ StormaMan, London

Vinyl Carvers’ products allow the DJs to become producers, and the producers become DJs. The word here is versatility.
Kevin Strumental, London

As a DJ in a newly signed band I’ve sent Vinyl Carvers the backing tracks of our material. With my custom records I can scratch the tracks my band is playing live on stage – no more expensive test pressings!!
DJ Daunt, Melbourne

Wow! Everlasting dubs for £40 and super speedy service with big cheery grins. You guys know how to make people happy.
DJ In-Fluence, Bedford

Now I have bootlegs in my record box that are really difficult, if not impossible to get hold of!
Muzikfranz, vienna

Once again, really happy with it, sounds wicked.
Matt Hobday, West Midlands

Vinyl Carvers’ mastering made my tracks much clearer. Very loud cut, best quality one-off vinyl!
Jörg Schuh, Berlin

The tracks were done very well (particually the way the vocals have been brought out on my personalised track!) In short i think I’ll be pressing some more stuff with you in the near future.
Ben Massey, heavyweightsoundz

The sound quality on the dubs is very good. I can only be full of praise for this company, they were very helpful through out. I would heartily recommend these to anyone and will be using them again.
Kidcut, 24Seven Cru, Bristol

I have to say that i’m impressed with the quality of your service, and hope to use it again in the near future.
Messy, Manchester

Just hearing my songs going through the needle was fantastic. Vinyl Carvers is definately the place to go for top quality service.
Craig McFadyen, (SHIM*R), Glasgow

The plate from Vinyl Carvers was the perfect gift for my son when he graduated from his music production degree.
Sylvia Browne, Chesterfield

One satisfied customer right here. I also like how it’s pretty much the same weight as regular vinyl, for throwing it in real fast and such.
Mike L, Laguna Beach, California

I happily forked out my £15 and went off delighted with the tune, which was played out on Saturday night. Sound quality is excellent.
Garrick Wynne, New Zealand

I was very impressed with the results, the sound quality of the dub is exactly what I hoped for.
I have played the tune approximately 30 times with plenty of rewinding and scratching and I’m yet to notice any quality loss.
Scott Bell, Michigan