Everlasting dubplates for scratch DJs

The 12″ everlasting dubplate by Vinyl Carvers can also be used to make your own custom scratch records, as used by 2008 DMC World Vice Champion DJ Slyce among many others.

Benefits of our custom scratch records includes:

  • Mark your samples on our clear scratch records from underneath to gain ultimate control for intuitive scratching (one-sided records only)
  • We will cut staggering deep grooves to ensure your stylus stays on the record regardless of the manipulations and abuse you put it through
  • Mastering included in the price (see our mastering guidelines before submitting your audio)

Get the best out of your record:

  • Consider the order of your sections as outer and inner grooves feel different (we find vocal samples sound better on the outer grooves)
  • Leave 2-3 seconds of space between important sections
  • Up to 20 sections per side are possible
  • Please note that 2 seconds of space in audio material equals about 10 seconds of space on the record
  • Please supply one continuous audio file that should sound exactly as you want the record to
  • Please note the loudest sound will define the overall volume of the record so keep all samples balanced
  • Avoid exceeding the maximum recommended times: up to 7 mins per side for 8 sections, up to 4.30 mins per side for 20 sections
Instructions to ensure all samples are lined up at 12 o’clock on a 33rpm scratch record:
On a 33rpm record: You could line up the starting points of your samples on your record (in one straight line), by setting your sequencer to 133.33bpm. Import your samples, so they all start at the beginning of a bar. It doesn’t matter if your samples are one, two or more bars long – they will always line up. Then print/export/bounce everything to one single file.

Vinyl Carvers everlasting dubplates

Extremely durable, multiple formats, mastering included


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