The Process

We will master and cut your track directly from our Apogee PSX-100SE converter and feed it through transformers and valves made in the sixties, state of the art transistor technology, or digital processing equipment depending on the style of your music. Eventually your tune arrives in a 1,000 Watt amplifier whose mighty dose of power is delivered to a super sharp-pointed diamond. Because only the toughest material on earth can carve your track into an everlasting dubplate.

Additional services

We are now offering different print solutions to personalise your vinyl such as printed labels, inserts, paper, card or PVC bags. These include standard blank labels, printed labels using your own designs, pre-designed labels that can be customised and finally full design services to create a unique label for your release. Please contact us for more information or browse the label products in our shop.

Competitive Prices


7″ vinyl

One side: £15
Two sides: £20
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10″ vinyl

One side: £25
Two sides: £35
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12″ vinyl

One / Two side(s): £35 / £45
EP / LP format: £80 / £100
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What’s included in the price?

  • Mastering
  • Choice of solid black (180g) or clear (85g) vinyl for 12″s
  • Choice of small or large centre hole for 7″
  • Neutral white labels on centre hole, glossy labels available at extra cost
  • Strong cardboard sleeve
  • Up to five different tracks per side for 12″, 3 for 10″ and 2 for 7″

Things to know:

  • Current turnaround times are 7 working days
  • 12″ records are also available in EP, LP and scratch record format
  • Adhesive center labels are available as a separate product

Playing times per side

7″ vinyl

Maximum: 6 minutes
Optimum: 3 minutes

10″ vinyl

Maximum: 8 minutes
Optimum: 5.30 minutes

12″ vinyl*

Maximum: 14 minutes
Optimum: 10 minutes

We recommend not to exceed the optimum length as quality could be compromised.

Please keep in mind: the longer the track or amount of music on one side, the quieter the music has to be cut. We will always strive to make it as loud as possible.

* For 12″ vinyl you can extend the maximum length to 17 mins using the EP format, or 20 mins using the LP format.

Vinyl Carvers everlasting dubplates

Extremely durable, multiple formats, mastering included


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Our turnaround time are 7 working days + shipping.

Refund Policy

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